Here you will find a collection of links to articles featuring the podcasts of Project Catapult. We encourage you to share any of the links listed herein. Please let us know of other articles that should be added to the list. 

JUNE 2019

BOTTOM OF THE MAP – The Atlanta Journal Constitution; WABE launches Southern hip-hop podcast ‘Bottom of the Map’

May 2019

WE LIVE HERE – Poynter; Podcasting for the people

PRX’s Project Catapult introduces five new podcasts


Stations Selected for Project Catapult, PRX Public Media Podcast Accelerator

JULY 2018

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting awards PRX $1.5m for Project Catapult, focused on Rural, Southern, Western Stations

June 2018

OUT OF THE BLOCKS –; 'Out of the Blocks: 2100 Edmondson' wins 2018 National Edward R. Murrow Award for News Documentary

MAY 2018

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – The Daily Record; WYPR’s ‘Out of the Blocks’ to receive $20K NEA grant

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Current; How design thinking gave these producers a fresh approach to local podcasts

QUE PASA MIDWEST – Adonde Media; The challenges of creating a bilingual podcast in the U.S Midwest

QUE PASA MIDWEST – KUNR; Exploring The Landscape Of Bilingual Journalism

QUE PASA MIDWEST – WEHT Lifestyles; Introducing Que Pasa Midwest, a bilingual podcast

VERSIFY –; Lush, Specific Detail Is Key 

VERSIFY – 51% Radio, WAMC; Sometimes it’s the Simple Things

WE LIVE HERE – Current; How design thinking gave these producers a fresh approach to local podcasts

WE LIVE HERE – St Louis On The Air; Habitability, eviction issues affecting local renters 

WE LIVE HERE – 1A from WAMU; Why We Live Here

APRIL 2018

INFLECTION POINT – Audible Feast; Delicious Ingredients: The Best Podcasts of the Week

SECOND WAVE – CBC Radio; Podcasts Featured This Week: The Generation Gap

MARCH 2018

INFLECTION POINT – Audible Feast; International Women’s Day Celebration of Podcasts

INFLECTION POINT – Refinery 29; Must-Listens for Women's History Month

INFLECTION POINT – Apple Podcasts; Editor's Pick for Bold Women

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – CBC Radio; Podcasts Featured This Week

February 2018

INFLECTION POINT – PRX: Newsletter, Women's History Month

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Citizen's Public Media; Beijing Inspired by Out Of The Blocks 

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Constant Listener; Podcast Picks of the Week

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – PRX: Listens for Black History Month

QUE PASA MIDWEST – Migratory Notes: Newsletter Issue #51, Podcasts To Check Out

US & THEM – PRX: Listens for Black History Month

VERSIFY – CBC Radio: Podcasts that bring the written word to life. 

VERSIFY – Audible Feast; Best Podcasts of the Week

VERSIFY – PRX: Working with Local Musicians to Create Original Scores for ‘Versify’

December 2017

INFLECTION POINT – WAMC: A Woman Films Her Battle With An Illness In Search Of A Cure

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – The HUB from Johns Hopkins University: Sharing More B'More Stories

WE LIVE HERE & OUT OF THE BLOCKS – St Louis Public Radio: Podcast collaboration features episode on historic St. Louis neighborhood – The Ville

SECOND WAVE – KALW, The Spot - Retracing An Escape

WE LIVE HERE - Podcasts In Color: 2017 Top Storytelling Podcasts

november 2017

INFLECTION POINT – The Splice Newsroom: Notables

US & THEM – Charleston Gazette-Mail: Remembering James Means

VERSIFY – Native magazine: Literature Spotlight

WE LIVE HERE – Flyover Podcast newsletter: We Live Here of St. Louis, MO | 'Give yourself permission to be ambitious'

October 2017

INFLECTION POINT – PRX: From Project Catapult: ‘Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller’

SECOND WAVE – New York Times: What Do Vietnamese-Americans Think of ‘The Vietnam War’?


INFLECTION POINT – NFCB: 12 Community Radio Podcasts to Hear in 2017

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Technically Baltimore: Baltimore creators discuss how to grow a podcast

SECOND WAVE – The Takeaway: Breaking the Silence on the Vietnam War

SECOND WAVE – Washington Post: 7 podcasts to listen to after watching ‘The Vietnam War’

SECOND WAVE – KPBS: ‘Second Wave’ Podcast Explores Vietnamese-American Experience

VERSIFY – PRX: From Project Catapult: ‘Versify’

WE LIVE HERE – Left Bank Books: Aaron Layton: Dear White Christian

WE LIVE HERE – PRX: From Project Catapult: ‘We Live Here’


OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Baltimore Sun: Podcasts with Baltimore ties (that aren't 'Serial')

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – PRX: From Project Catapult: ‘Out of the Blocks’

US & THEM – Washington Post: Race/Related Newsletter

US & THEM – West Virginia Morning: Us & Them Host Examines Post-Charlottesville Cultural Divides

WE LIVE HERE – Maximizing St. Louis Lifestyle: Diversity Educator Layton to Discuss Recent Book with ‘We Live Here’ Hosts

JULY 2017

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – KALW, The Spot: Out Of The Blocks

OUT OF THE BLOCKS & WE LIVE HERE – KQED: The Best Podcasts for Your Summer Road Trip

QUE PASA MIDWEST – Mediashift: Diversify Now, Stand Up for Staff and Other Lessons From a Bilingual, Multicultural Newsroom in Southern Indiana

WE LIVE HERE – KALW, The Spot - We Live Here

WE LIVE HERE – Poynter Institute: A new newsletter helps listeners discover podcasts produced in flyover country

JUNE 2017

INFLECTION POINT – Audible Feast: Interview with Lauren Schiller from Inflection Point

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – The Peabody Post; Wendel Patrick Receives NEA Award for WYPR’s “Out of the Blocks”

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Baltimore Fishbowl: WYPR Gets $25,000 Federal Grant to Support, Expand its ‘Out of the Blocks’ Series

QUE PASA MIDWEST – Local News Lab: Five lessons from creating a bilingual, multicultural newsroom in Southern Indiana

WE LIVE HERE – To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Adventures On The Woke Spectrum

APRIL 2017

WE LIVE HERE – The Takeaway: Confronting Power, Privilege, and Race in St. Louis

march 2017

US & THEM – Frank Gathering: What I Learned About Empathy from a Textbook

VERSIFY – Current: New podcast documents a changing Nashville with collaborative verse

WE LIVE HERE – St Louis Regional Chamber: Listen Up: St. Louis Regional Podcasts


INFLECTION POINT – Salon: Featured Audio: Inflection Point

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – WBAL: 2 Baltimore men share Charm City stories block by block

OUT OF THE BLOCKS – Transom: Rethinking A Podcast Top To Bottom