WABE atlanta

Proposed Podcast: Vice Versa

Vice Versa is a conversation about race and the contemporary South through a hip-hop lens, hosted by Dr. Regina Bradley and Christina Lee. As self-described “hip-hop heads” who grew up with the culture, Bradley is a Georgia-bred writer and researcher of African American life, while Lee is an Atlanta-based music journalist; together they will present a conversation full of passionate fandom, astute observations, and insider perspective of some of the most influential music in the world.



Proposed Podcast: Churchy

Churchy is the show that explores how religion and faith influences everything around you, whether you’re a believer–or not. While lots of shows tiptoe around religious topics, Churchy will dive straight in. In a spirit of thoughtful irreverence, we’ll talk candidly about what can be odd, inspiring, confusing or even appalling about belief and the decisions that result from it.


WFYI Indianapolis/Side Effects Public Media

Proposed Podcast: The Workaround

The Workaround describes the difficult–and risky–things people do when they hit roadblocks in the U.S. health care system. The podcast takes you into the homes, on the streets, and inside the facilities where these workarounds are changing the way many Americans get care. Listen to the first season here.


WUOL Louisville

Proposed Podcast: The Music Box

The Music Box is a podcast that allows children to play, explore, and learn about music. We’ll dig into Louisville’s incredible and varied music scene to talk with musicians from all genres and disciplines. Each episode will also come with activities and curriculum for teachers. The show is co-hosted and produced by Jecorey Arthur and Tara Anderson, two classically-trained musicians who have a wide range of experience in teaching, performing, reporting and producing.


Colorado Public radio

Proposed Podcast: Cannabis Tales

There is virtually no part of life in Colorado that has not been affected in some way by the legalization of recreational marijuana. Five years after the state voted to legalize marijuana, CPR, through the power of its 40-person newsroom, will tackle the pros and cons of legalization at home and across the country with enthusiasm and rigor–seeking out users, experts, opponents, officials, and those who are just trying to figure out what that smell is.