WABE atlanta

Bottom of the Map

Dope women taking hip-hop conversation in a new direction. Join Christina Lee and Dr. Regina N. Bradley for a passionate exploration of Southern hip-hop culture. Christina is an Atlanta-based music journalist. Regina is a Georgia-bred writer and researcher of African-American life. Each week they’ll discuss all the ways the music makes its mark -  from culture to politics. These true fans appreciate the knock of a good 808 and break down its significance. 




Preach is the show that explores how religion and faith influences everything around you, whether you’re a believer–or not. While lots of shows tiptoe around religious topics, Preach will dive straight in. In a spirit of thoughtful irreverence, we’ll talk candidly about what can be odd, inspiring, confusing or even appalling about belief and the decisions that result from it.


WFYI Indianapolis/Side Effects Public Media


Sick is a podcast about when things go wrong in the places meant to keep us healthy. Each serialized season will explore an alarming health story and what it says about the American health care system. The first season dives into the lack of regulation in the fertility industry, told through the story of one Indiana fertility doctor.


WUOL Louisville

The Music Box

The Music Box is a podcast that allows children to play, explore, and learn about music. Each episode is a music lesson with activities that can be easily integrated in the classroom or at home.


Colorado Public radio

On Something

Even if you don’t use, marijuana is changing the world around you in surprising ways. On Something is a new podcast from Colorado Public Radio and PRX about how life has changed in the aftermath of marijuana legalization efforts across the United States. Join journalist Ann Marie Awad as she explores the personal stories behind the political, legal and cultural effects of legalization.